Language Comparison

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What is Language?

Most of us often don't know the definition of language. So, let's first understand what is language? Language is a system of communication which is in either spoken or written form and which consists of use of sounds and words in a structured way used by humans. So, it's interesting to do comparison of language, in order to understand the details of different languages. After comparison of language, you will understand how many languages in the world exist and among those which are the South American Languages, North American Languages, African languages, Asian Languages, Oceania Languages, European languages.

History of Languages

History of languages will remain arcane. Humans have developed language as tool for communication through which they can express themselves more effectively. Language proficiency levels are: reading, writing and speaking. Learn about alphabets, greetings and language codes and much more for different languages in language comparison.

List of World Languages

Here you will find list of world languages. Language comparison gives you detailed differences between each of the languages. In language comparison, languages are categorized based on the familes to which languages belong such as Afro-Asiatic Languages, Indo-European Languages, Astronesian Languages and Niger-Congo Languages. Here you can also compare various languages under same category and know more about them.