Filipino Alphabets

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1.2 Alphabets
Tamil Alphabets
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Irish Alphabets
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Thai Alphabets
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Hebrew Alphabets
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Hmong Alphabets
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Chinese Alphabe..
44 weeks
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Cebuano Alphabets

Know Alphabets in Filipino

For learning Filipino language it is necessary to know alphabets in Filipino. You have to know alphabets in Filipino to learn writing in Filipino language. Filipino alphabets are the building blocks of Filipino language. There are 28 characters in Filipino alphabets. Filipino alphabets are made up of Filipino vowels and Filipino consonants. The Filipino alphabets contain 5 vowels and 23 consonants. Filipino vs German gives a comparison between Filipino and German alphabets.

Filipino Script

Filipino script is also known as Filipino writing system or Filipino orthography. The set of visible signs used to represent units of Filipino language in a systematic way is called Filipino Script. The Filipino language uses Latin i.e. Filipino alphabets are derived from Latin script. The script decides the writing direction of the any language, hence the writing direction of Filipino is Not Available. Learn Filipino Greetings where you will find some interesting phrases.

Is Filipino hard to Learn

Is Filipino hard to learn? The answer to this question is that it depends on one's native language. One should start learning Filipino language with Filipino alphabets and Filipino phonology.

  • Time taken to learn Filipino Language: 44 weeks.
  • Filipino Language Levels: 3.

Time taken to learn any language that is mentioned here is the approximate time required to learn specific language for the person who is proficient in English. You can also go through all Indian Languages and find if Filipino is one of the language of India.

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