How many people speak Malaysian?

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1 How Many People Speak
1.1 How Many People Speak?
English speakin..
175.00 million
Rank: 10 (Overall)
Abkhaz speaking population
1.2 Speaking Population
Croatian speaki..
1.16 %
Rank: 14 (Overall)
Xhosa speaking population
1.3 Native Speakers
Chinese speakin..
77.00 million
Rank: 12 (Overall)
Abkhaz speaking population
1.3.1 Second Language Speakers
English speakin..
98.00 million
Rank: 8 (Overall)
Finnish speaking population
1.3.2 Native Name
Bahasa melayu
1.3.3 Alternative Names
Not Available
1.3.4 French Name
1.3.5 German Name
1.4 Pronunciation
[baˈhasə malajˈsiə]
1.5 Ethnicity
Not Available

Do you know how many people speak Malaysian?

Different languages are spoken in different regions. Do you know how many people speak Malaysian? 175.00 million people speak Malaysian language worldwide. These ethnic group speaking Malaysian is Not Available and International Phonetic Alphabet IPA of Malaysian is [baˈhasə malajˈsiə]. Find if Malaysian is one of the Most Spoken Languages. How many people speak Malaysian gives you total count of Malaysian speaking population in millions and in percentage worldwide. Are you interested in finding the countries that speak Malaysian, then check Malaysian Speaking Countries and get to know all the Malaysian countries.

Malaysian Speaking Population

Here you get to know how many people speak Malaysian in percentage. The Malaysian speaking population is 1.16 %. Malaysian Speaking Population is the percentage of world population speaking Malaysian language. Along with this, you can also find the dialects in Malaysian spoken in various regions under Malaysian Dialects. Chinese, Mandarin is the most spoken language in the world and is at the top place.

Native Malaysian Speakers

You will get to know second language speakers of Malaysian language as well as native Malaysian Speakers under how many people speak Malaysian language. There is an estimate that there are almost 77.00 million native speakers of Malaysian language. Some languages have relatively large populations of native speakers and on other hand some languages have small population of native speakers. 98.00 million population speak Malaysian as second language where Malaysian is not the native language of the speaker. The number of second language speakers mentioned in how many people speak Malaysian are those whose native language is minority language of country in which they live. They learn the second language because it is official language of the country where they reside.

Native name of Malaysian

How many people speak Malaysian serves you with native name of Malaysian language. The native name of Malaysian is Bahasa melayu. Native names are the local names for the languages. The native names of the languages are used by the native speakers of that language. The alternative names of Malaysian are Not Available. The German and French names for Malaysian language is as follows:

  • French Name for Malaysian: malais.
  • German Name for Malaysian: Malaiisch.
In some applications, instead of using language names they use language codes, check out the language code of Malaysian on Malaysian Language Codes.