Kannada Dialects

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1 Dialects
1.1 Dialect 1
1.1.1 Where They Speak
Tamil Nadu, The Nilgiris
1.1.2 How Many People Speak
Chinese Dialects
Rank: 33 (Overall)
Macedonian Dialects
1.2 Dialect 2
1.2.1 Where They Speak
1.2.2 How Many People Speak
Chinese Dialects
Rank: 43 (Overall)
Dzongkha Dialects
1.3 Dialect 3
1.3.1 Where They Speak
Andra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu
1.3.2 How Many People Speak
Swedish Dialects
Rank: 23 (Overall)
Romanian Dialects
1.4 Total No. Of Dialects
English Dialects
Rank: 18 (Overall)
Sanskrit Dialects

Dialects of Kannada

The dialects of Kannada language refer to difference in pronunciations or accents, words and expressions. Kannada dialects are the different forms of Kannada language spoken by particular group of people in different regions. Kannada dialect is a way of pronunciation used by a community of native speakers who belong to same geological region. In some of the languages, there are sub dialects too. Take a look at all Kannada Speaking Countries.

Know Kannada dialects

It is important to know Kannada dialects because different Kannada Dialects are spoken by Kannada speakers. Like other languages in the world, Kannada language also has many varieties. These Kannada dialects are spoken over the entire Kannada speaking regions. Kannada Language has different dialects and is most commonly spoken language in Kannada speaking countries. The total number of Kannada Dialects is 20. Get information about Kannada Language History to know more about this language.

Where do they speak Kannada Dialects

Want to know where do they speak Kannada dialects? One of the Kannada dialect is Badaga. Badaga dialect is spoken in Tamil Nadu, The Nilgiris. Another dialect of Kannada is Urali.Urali dialect is spoken in kerala. Find more about speaking population of other languages on Most Spoken Languages.

How many people speak Kannada Dialects

Wondering how many people speak Kannada Dialects? Kannada Dialects are spoken in different regions with varying speaker population i.e. from thousands in one dialect to millions in another.

  • Badaga speaking population: 540,000.00
  • Urali speaking population: 6,440.00
  • Kurumba speaking population: 220,000.00

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