Mongolian and Sinhalese Alphabets

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1.1 Alphabets in
1.2 Alphabets
Tamil Alphabets
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Rank: 33 (Overall)
Irish Alphabets
1.3 Phonology
1.3.1 How Many Vowels
Thai Alphabets
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Hebrew Alphabets
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Hmong Alphabets
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Mongolian alphabets: Traditional Mongolian script
Sinhala alphabet
1.5 Writing Direction
Not Available
Left-To-Right, Horizontal
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Armenian Alphab..
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Bengali Alphabets
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Chinese Alphabe..
44 weeks
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44 weeks
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Cebuano Alphabets

Mongolian vs Sinhalese Alphabets

Wondering about the number of letters in Mongolian and Sinhalese alphabets? When you compare Mongolian vs Sinhalese alphabets you will understand the number of alphabets in both the languages. Because lesser the number of alphabets, faster the language to learn, find all the Easiest Languages to Learn. Mongolian and Sinhalese Alphabets are collection of symbols or letters used for writing. Mongolian alphabets contain 35 letters and Sinhalese Alphabets contain 54 letters. The writing direction of Mongolian is Not Available whereas the writing direction of Sinhalese is Left-To-Right, Horizontal. Mongolian and Sinhalese Alphabets are the basics of Mongolian and Sinhalese languages. Check the detailed comparison of Mongolian and Sinhalese.

Mongolian and Sinhalese Scripts

Compare Mongolian and Sinhalese alphabets and find out scripts used by Mongolian and Sinhalese language. Mongolian and Sinhalese scripts are the methodology and rules for writing. Scripts used by Mongolian and Sinhalese languages are Mongolian alphabets: Traditional Mongolian script and Sinhala alphabet respectively. After learning alphabets in Mongolian and Sinhalese you can also learn useful Mongolian greetings vs Sinhalese greetings.

Mongolian Vowels vs Sinhalese Vowels

If you are comparing Mongolian and Sinhalese alphabets then you need to find out Mongolian vowels vs Sinhalese vowels too. The number of vowels and consonants in Mongolian are 13 and 20 and number of vowels and consonants in Sinhalese are 18 and 36. Language codes are unique and are two or three letter codes assigned to each language. Check out all the language codes of Mongolian and Sinhalese language codes.

Is Mongolian Harder than Sinhalese?

Is Mongolian harder than Sinhalese? No language is hard or easy to learn as it depends on individual interest and efforts for learning that language. When you decide to learn any language, you need to find out time required to learn that language and levels in that language. As mentioned above, while comparing Mongolian and Sinhalese Alphabets the number of alphabets in any language decides hardness in learning that language.

It's important to know Mongolian and Sinhalese alphabets because for learning these languages, alphabets are the starting point. The levels in Mongolian language are 3. And time taken to learn Mongolian language is 44 weeks. While the levels in Sinhalese language are 2. And time taken to learn Sinhalese language is 44 weeks.