How many people speak Thai and French?

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1 How Many People Speak
1.1 How Many People Speak?
English speakin..
60.00 million
Rank: 27 (Overall)
163.00 million
Rank: 11 (Overall)
Abkhaz speaking population
1.2 Speaking Population
Croatian speaki..
0.85 %
Rank: 23 (Overall)
1.12 %
Rank: 17 (Overall)
Xhosa speaking population
1.3 Native Speakers
Chinese speakin..
20.00 million
Rank: 37 (Overall)
76.00 million
Rank: 13 (Overall)
Abkhaz speaking population
1.3.1 Second Language Speakers
English speakin..
40.00 million
Rank: 15 (Overall)
87.00 million
Rank: 11 (Overall)
Finnish speaking population
1.3.2 Native Name
1.3.3 Alternative Names
Siamese, Standard Thai, Thaiklang
1.3.4 French Name
1.3.5 German Name
1.4 Pronunciation
[pʰāːsǎː tʰāj]
1.5 Ethnicity
Central Thai and Thai Chinese
Not Available

Thai vs French Speaking Population

Under how many people speak Thai and French, you will get to compare Thai vs French speaking population. How many people speak Thai and French gives you the number of people speaking Thai and French in terms of percentage and millions. Worldwide, the number of people speaking Thai language is 60.00 million and number of people speaking French language is 163.00 million. Find the list of widely spoken languages on Most Spoken Languages. Percentage wise, speaking population of Thai is 0.85 % and speaking population of French is 1.12 %. For more detailed difference check out Thai vs French.

Thai native speakers vs French native speakers

How many people speak Thai and French languages tells about Thai native speakers vs French native speakers. The native language is also known as first language. Total 20.00 million people speak Thai as native language while 76.00 million people speak French as native language. You can also go to Thai vs French Dialects and find the total number of dialects in Thai and French language. In some regions, Thai and French languages are used as second language. There are 40.00 million speakers who use Thai as second language and 87.00 million speakers who use French as second language.

Native Names of Thai and French

Native names are used in the Thai and French Speaking Countries. Both Thai and French languages have their own native names.Under how many people speak Thai and French you will get to know the native names of Thai and French languages. The native name of Thai is ภาษาไทย and native name of French is français. The alternative names of Thai and French languages are as follows:

  • Thai alternative names are: Siamese, Standard Thai, Thaiklang
  • French alternative names are: Français

The French name of Thai is thaï whereas German name of Thai is Thailändisch. The German name of French is Französisch whereas French name of French is thaï.

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