How many people speak Dutch and Albanian?

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1 How Many People Speak
1.1 How Many People Speak?
English speakin..
28.00 million
Rank: 38 (Overall)
7.50 million
Rank: 63 (Overall)
Abkhaz speaking population
1.2 Speaking Population
Croatian speaki..
0.32 %
Rank: 38 (Overall)
Not Available
Rank: N/A (Overall)
Xhosa speaking population
1.3 Native Speakers
Chinese speakin..
22.00 million
Rank: 35 (Overall)
3.10 million
Rank: 73 (Overall)
Abkhaz speaking population
1.3.1 Second Language Speakers
English speakin..
6.00 million
Rank: 25 (Overall)
3.60 million
Rank: 31 (Overall)
Finnish speaking population
1.3.2 Native Name
shqip / gjuha shqipe
1.3.3 Alternative Names
Hollands, Nederlands
Not Available
1.3.4 French Name
néerlandais; flamand
1.3.5 German Name
1.4 Pronunciation
1.5 Ethnicity
Dutch people

Dutch vs Albanian Speaking Population

Under how many people speak Dutch and Albanian, you will get to compare Dutch vs Albanian speaking population. How many people speak Dutch and Albanian gives you the number of people speaking Dutch and Albanian in terms of percentage and millions. Worldwide, the number of people speaking Dutch language is 28.00 million and number of people speaking Albanian language is 7.50 million. Find the list of widely spoken languages on Most Spoken Languages. Percentage wise, speaking population of Dutch is 0.32 % and speaking population of Albanian is Not Available. For more detailed difference check out Dutch vs Albanian.

Dutch native speakers vs Albanian native speakers

How many people speak Dutch and Albanian languages tells about Dutch native speakers vs Albanian native speakers. The native language is also known as first language. Total 22.00 million people speak Dutch as native language while 3.10 million people speak Albanian as native language. You can also go to Dutch vs Albanian Dialects and find the total number of dialects in Dutch and Albanian language. In some regions, Dutch and Albanian languages are used as second language. There are 6.00 million speakers who use Dutch as second language and 3.60 million speakers who use Albanian as second language.

Native Names of Dutch and Albanian

Native names are used in the Dutch and Albanian Speaking Countries. Both Dutch and Albanian languages have their own native names.Under how many people speak Dutch and Albanian you will get to know the native names of Dutch and Albanian languages. The native name of Dutch is Nederlands and native name of Albanian is shqip / gjuha shqipe. The alternative names of Dutch and Albanian languages are as follows:

  • Dutch alternative names are: Hollands, Nederlands
  • Albanian alternative names are: Not Available

The French name of Dutch is néerlandais; flamand whereas German name of Dutch is Niederländisch. The German name of Albanian is Albanisch whereas French name of Albanian is néerlandais; flamand.

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