Gujarati Language Code

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1 Code
1.1 ISO 639 1
1.2 ISO 639 2
1.2.1 ISO 639 2/T
1.2.2 ISO 639 2/B
1.3 ISO 639 3
1.4 ISO 639 6
Not Available
1.5 Glottocode
1.6 Linguasphere
No data available
1.7 Types of Language
1.7.1 Language Type
1.7.2 Language Linguistic Typology
1.7.3 Language Morphological Typology
Not Available

Language Codes of Gujarati

All world languages have unique language codes. Language codes are not case sensitive. Language codes of Gujarati include: ISO codes, Glottocodes and linguasphere. The Gujarati language codes are useful for shorthand designation for indicating this language.

  • Gujarati has no Linguasphere code.

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What is Gujarati Language Code?

The code that assigns short alphabetic or numeric identifier for language is called Gujarati language code. Languages are designated by a two letter code and three letter code. The Gujarati language code consists of ISO 639 1, ISO 639 2, ISO 639 3, Glottocode and Linguasphere. The Language codes are the codes for representation of names of languages.

ISO Language Codes

The ISO Language codes define abbreviations for languages. The ISO 639 is International Organization Standard for language codes which are used to establish internationally recognized codes for representation of languages. ISO Gujarati Language codes may be two letter codes or three letter codes. The ISO language codes were approved in 1967. ISO Gujarati Language codes are : ISO 639-1 code, ISO 639-2 code and ISO-3 code. ISO 639-2 is alpha-3 code and ISO 639-1 is the alpha-2 code. The ISO 639-2 code is divided into Bibliographic(B) and Terminological(T) codes which are denoted as ISO 639-2/B and ISO 639-2/T.
ISO Gujarati Language codes are:

  • ISO 639-1: gu
  • ISO 639-2/T: guj
  • ISO 639-2/B: guj
  • ISO 639-3: guj

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Glottocode is one of codes which comes under Gujarati language codes. The bibliographic database of the world’s lesser-known languages is called Glottolog.

  • The Glottocode of Gujarati language: guja1252

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