German and Tulu Language Codes

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1 Code
1.1 ISO 639 1
No data available
1.2 ISO 639 2
1.2.1 ISO 639 2/T
Not Available
1.2.2 ISO 639 2/B
Not Available
1.3 ISO 639 3
1.4 ISO 639 6
Not Available
1.5 Glottocode
high1287, uppe1397
1.6 Linguasphere
52-ACB–dl & -dm
No data available
1.7 Types of Language
1.7.1 Language Type
1.7.2 Language Linguistic Typology
Subject-Object-Verb, Subject-Verb-Object
Not Available
1.7.3 Language Morphological Typology
Fusional, Synthetic
Not Available

German vs Tulu Language Codes

The German and Tulu language codes are the codes which are used to represent languages in the form of letters and/or numbers. German vs Tulu language codes serve you with ISO codes, glottocodes and linguasphere codes. Linguasphere code of German is 52-ACB–dl & -dm while there is no linguasphere code of Tulu. Take look at German vs Tulu so that you get a brief idea of these languages.

German and Tulu ISO Language Codes

ISO language codes are designed to represent most of the languages in the world. German and Tulu ISO language codes consists of ISO 639 1, ISO 639 2, ISO 639 3 codes. ISO 639 1 is the two letter code, while ISO 639 2 and ISO 639 3 are three letter codes.

    German ISO Codes:
  • ISO 639 1 code: de
  • ISO 639 2/T code: deu
  • ISO 639 2/B code: ger
  • ISO 639 3 code: deu
    Tulu ISO Codes:
  • ISO 639 1 code: No data available
  • ISO 639 2/T code: Not Available
  • ISO 639 2/B code: Not Available
  • ISO 639 3 code: tcy

Go through German vs Tulu alphabets to know number of alphabets, vowels and consonants.

German vs Tulu Glottocodes

You will find German vs Tulu glottocodes under the German and Tulu language codes. German glottocode is high1287, uppe1397 and Tulu glottocode is tulu1258. Along with German and Tulu language codes, you can also check how many people speak these languages on German vs Tulu.

More on German and Tulu Language Codes

Explore more on German and Tulu language codes to understand more about these languages. German and Tulu language codes are unique and are used in wide range of applications. The language codes are mainly used in the computer and information systems. The ISO codes are set of international standards that are short unique representation for language names.