Japanese Greetings

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1 Greetings
1.1 Hello
こんにちは (Kon'nichiwa)
1.2 Thank You
ありがとう (Arigatō)
1.3 How Are You?
お元気ですか (O genki desu ka?)
1.4 Good Night
おやすみなさい (Oyasuminasai)
1.5 Good Evening
こんばんは (Konbanwa)
1.6 Good Afternoon
こんにちは (Konnichiwa!)
1.7 Good Morning
おはよう (Ohayō)
1.8 Please
お願いします (Onegaishimasu)
1.9 Sorry
ごめんなさい (Gomen'nasai)
1.10 Bye
さようなら (Sayōnara)
1.11 I Love You
愛しています (Aishiteimasu)
1.12 Excuse Me
すみません (Sumimasen)

How to say Hello in Japanese Language

When you land up in the places where you don’t know the local language then it’s difficult to communicate. You should at least know how to say hello in Japanese language to begin conversion. A very basic Japanese greeting is hello. It's fun to compare Japanese vs Spanish greetings

Hello in Japanese language is こんにちは (Kon'nichiwa). It’s interesting to learn different Japanese greetings. Hello is the Japanese greeting which is suitable in any formal or informal situation. Here you can also check more About Japanese Language.

Learn How to say Thank you and Sorry in Japanese

In any language it’s important to learn how to say thank you and sorry in Japanese. Find some common phrases in Best Languages to Learn below. Thank you in Japanese is ありがとう (Arigatō) and Sorry in Japanese is ごめんなさい (Gomen'nasai). Japanese greetings such as thank you and sorry are used in formal situations.

Good Morning & Good Night in Japanese

Want to wish Good Morning & Good Night in Japanese? The Japanese greetings like “Good Morning” or “Good Night” are useful to impress or catch attention of anyone around you. By using Japanese greetings, we are showing respect to others in a very efficient way. Good Morning in Japanese is おはよう (Ohayō) and Good Night in Japanese is おやすみなさい (Oyasuminasai). To know more on similar greetings in other languages check Japanese vs Chinese, Japanese vs Spanish, Japanese vs French.

Bye in Japanese

Get to know here what is bye in Japanese. Bye in Japanese language is さようなら (Sayōnara). In some languages, they say bye and in some they say good-bye.

Other Japanese Greetings

Japanese greetings help to communicate in different places at various situations. Here are some other Japanese greetings which will be useful while communicating in Japanese.

  • How are you in Japanese is お元気ですか (O genki desu ka?).
  • Please in Japanese is お願いします (Onegaishimasu).
  • Good Afternoon in Japanese is こんにちは (Konnichiwa!).
  • Good Night in Japanese is おやすみなさい (Oyasuminasai).
  • I Love you in Japanese is 愛しています (Aishiteimasu).
  • Excuse me in Japanese is すみません (Sumimasen).